You probably have heard a lot of this word each time you visit a casino bit then you don’t understand what it is all about. There is so much that you need to know about casino wagering requirements especially if you are playing online and you want to be a professional gambler.

Whats is to wager at online casinos 

 A wager at online casinos is simply the bet that you place when you play a game. This can only be done when one is playing for real money at online casinos. Playing free games there not be any wagers placed. You can also place a wager on slot games as well the same way you would when you play for real money for table games.

Wagering requirements for payout bonuses

Understanding what is meant by wagering requirements is the only way that you gt to play your game well. What is meant by this is just that this is the amount of money that you are supposed to bet when you play real money games.

This is the only way that you as a player can get to withdraw all the money that you have gotten from the payout bonus. the wagering requirement is simply the set conditions that you have to meet when you want to take your winnings. In other online casinos wagering requirements can mean the dep[osioted money together with the bonus credits that players get.

Why do casinos always have wagering requirements 

The main reason why online casinos always have wagering requirements is to avoid fake players who are only interested in getting the bonus money. When you fail to deposit money into the casino account you cant withdraw any payout bonus available.

Playthrough requirements also prevent players from not putting the casinos bonuses into good use. Without these wagering requirements, casinos would probably be suffering huge losses from bonus hunters.

In some way, it’s good that online casinos do have these conditions on their payout bonuses. It’s sort of an agreement that the casinos have with players. It is also a way that they get to attract players to their casinos.

Different wagering requirements 

Free spins requirements

Free spin bonuses are usually given for slot games. Getting a free spin while you play a slot game means that you have more time playing the game. However, you can only get the extra time when you have met the wagering requirement.

Deposit bonuses 

Deposit payout bonuses are given by casinos depending on the amount of money that you as the player would have deposited into the account. For online casinos, they put a certain limit that you will have to reach for you to be able to0 claim the bonus. This will be your wagering requirement.

Other casinos bonuses 

While playing at an online casino and you are offered any casino bonus you will have to check out the wagering requirements. You find that until you have met the requirement you won’t be able to claim your bonus. These differ with each payout bonus that you get at a casino.

Games wagering requirements 

 In most cases, wagering requirements are made higher for easy games than for games that have the highest bets. Keep in mind that some of the casino games do not have payout bonuses. Taking for instant roulette and blackjack have payout bonuses at online casinos but do not have any wagering requirement. This is because gamblers cant make use of bonuses when playing these games.

How to calculate wagering requirements 

This is easy if you put your mind to it. All you need to do is multiply the bonus or you can add the bonus that you have to the amount o money that you have deposited into the online casinos you are playing with.

This entirely depends on o the requirement number as well as the casino that you are playing at. You need to be able to notice if the online casino you are playing with has a lower or higher wagering requirement number or not. This will help you choose the best casino to play with as well as know if you can accept the payout bonus or not.

 How to wager a casino bonus 

Just as explained ealeir what a wager is irts the sme thing thatnyiu have to do whne it comes to casibo bonus wagering. It is the same as the way you plac yiur bets for playing a table game whne yiu are already a known gambler with an online casino account. Here you need to make suyre that you use your online casino bonus to win more money . It’s the wager that you do for a bonus that wioll lead you to your next win .


keep in mind that not all casino games can be wagered on using a bonus. Also wagering a casino bonus means that you have to wager the sated number o times for you to be able to withdraw it.